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Laminate floors is a floating floor and you don’t glue laminates.  An expansion gap is left on the sides of all the walls to allow enough expansion due to contraction, so that the wood can breathe.  Laminates are made from approximately 90 – 95 % wood.  This is a big advantage of laminates (temperatures can fluctuate between very high & very low), the laminates won’t crack like tiles.

The most important factors to consider when making your choice of laminate before purchasing would be: colour, budget, décor (rigid, smooth, V-groove, bevel), thickness, & abrasion class (AC 3/AC 4/AC 5).  In lay man’s terms all it means is this: what is the traffic/feet on laminate flooring.  AC 3 residential, whilst AC4 is suitable for high traffic areas (general commercial).  There are numerous products available on the market today.  We sell only the best.  We promote Floorworx, Traviata, Finfloor (Black Forest), Pergo & Egger.  Most is manufactured in Europe. There is variety of underlay available.  A standard 80/200 micron combilay is suitable.  As wood stays alive, should you not like the noise it makes, we definitely recommend an underlay that dampens the sound. Laminates are durable, popular, comfortable, versatile & makes a perfect investment!  With the many innovative ideas & décor available nowadays, you can choose an affordable, low maintenance & easy to clean laminate easily.  The laminate manufacturers patent their own clicking systems.  Please note that you won’t be able to click different products together due to different sizes, designs & colours.  Lastly we have varieties of matching or contrast décor profiles available in skirting, scotia, quarter round & trims (profiles by the doors).  All floors needs to be fitted properly for any manufacturer to entertain warrantees/guarantees.  We welcome DIY entrepreneurs! All laminate & vinyl products need to acclimatize in the areas of installation for a period of 48 hours.  Follow all the instructions carefully.

European Oak


LVT/Vinyl glue & click

LVT looks like real wood, but it’s not made from wood. LVT is made from series PVC wear layers that protects the
floor design from every day wear & tear. LVT is also made from stone-plastic composite core with super UV wear
layers. Vinyl is also water resistant. LVT is perfect for bathroom & kitchens. Terms such as Floorscore, ISOCORE & VOCs are important when looking into vinyl flooring. These certifications means that it is made as safe as possible
& not to be harmful, maintaining good indoor air quality. It basically means reducing your family’s exposure to
dangerous chemicals.

There is a wide variety of LVT (luxury vinyl tile) or in short Vinyl available on the market today. Novilon, glue

down & click vinyl is very popular, favourable & an innovative flooring idea that offers an authentic feel & natural appearance. There is a wide variety of looks available from modern, classic, country style, elegant &
contemporary interior, colour tones with grain & you can also combine the aesthetics of natural stone flooring.
Vinyl flooring is luxurious, strong & durable. It is warm, quiet underfoot & comfortable. Total protection from
stains & dirt & easy to clean. We also offer rigid/grain/smooth textures & colours with a beautiful true wood

Most vinyl is scratch resistance. Some of the advantages of vinyl is that it is warmer than ceramic/porcelain tiles
and not so slippery. If you are looking for a flooring option with less noise & high slip resistance, vinyl is definitely
your choice of flooring. Remember in a busy home, with lots of traffic, water, pets & children, we absolutely
recommend vinyl/lvt.

Easy installation & maintenance. Subfloor requirements: level, smooth, clean & dry. Installations vary from
standard with borders, herringbone, chevron (V-shape) & basket weave laying patterns. There are unique designs
& colours to choose from.

Some fitters recommend a vapour barrier underneath the click vinyl and some don’t. Some LVT is sold with a
built- in underlay already. It is up to you to choose which you prefer. There is a specific glue to use with glue
down vinyl which also needs to be rolled using 68 kg roller (rolled both directions immediately after installing).

Cushion vinyl

Our residential wood, ceramic & graphic prints offer an excellent sound reduction.  Good resistance to daily wear & tear.  Soft, smooth & cushioned feel under-foot.  This vinyl also dampens the sound & it’s easy to clean & beautiful.  We definitely recommend novilon because it is stylish, functional, slip-resistant & very affordable.

Maintenance laminate & vinyl

The most important aspect of your new investment is the cleaning of your new installed floors.  Please use a micro fibre mop with laminate/vinyl cleaner.  This can be purchased at any supermarket.  We highly recommend that you buy floor protectors to place underneath the heavy furniture so that you don’t scratch your new floors when moving heavy furniture around when cleaning.  Also do check the high heel shoes to ensure that they have rubber underneath, so that you don’t scratch your newly installed floors.


Laminates & Vinyl is a DIY product and there are numerous videos to watch on u-tube.  We do sell the tools.  The general tools necessary for laminate/vinyl (glue down or click) installation are: knee pads (optional), laminate cutter (guillotine, jig saw or angle edge), tape/laser measuring tool, pencil, spacers (or use excess laminate/vinyl pieces), screed, primer, skirting, scotia, quarter round, trims (profiles), 69 kg roller (glue down vinyl only) & Stanley knife.

Your subfloor (what is there at the moment) is the most crucial area of addressing.  Please ensure that the subfloor is level & even.  If there is any unevenness of more than 1-3 mm, please use self levelling screed.  Note that the floor needs to be dry & clean before laying any floors.  You can test the moisture of the floor by using a moisture meter (protumeter, etc.).  Always test the subfloor for moisture before installing.


We sell a variety of Floorworx, Nouwens, The Flooring Network/Van Dyck & Belgotex carpets & carpet tiles.  It is made from acrylic, wool, polyester, nylon & polyprop.  You can use the following underlay options:  600, 800, 1,000 or 1,200 mm carpet underlay.  Most carpets are 3.66 or 4 meter wide but some are supplied in 2 meter lengths as well.

Carpet Tiles

Variety of carpet tiles are available from 4 square meters per box to 10 sq. meters per box.  Some are plain back & some are supplied with a resin backing called buteman backing (thicker & heavier).  You need to preferably glue the tiles down on even flooring. By using innovative décor & textiles you can also create your own exciting office/study.

Artificial grass

We support various suppliers who offer many colours and designs & thicknesses of grass.  Kindly let us have more details pertaining to your application to enable us to quote correctly.


Our credit provider is Challenor Finance.  They are prepared to give our clients a 100 % loan & up to R 80,000.  So there is no reason why you can’t have your new fashion statement floor installed.